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MS Electrical Domestic Installers Ashford Kent recognise that we work in your home and therefore go about our work in a neat and tidy fashion. We will even hoover if need be to leave your home in the state we found it in, keeping the disruption to you to a bare minimum.

Will you make a mess?

You can expect MS Electrical employees to work in any troublesome area of your property including under floors and through your tiny loft spaces. If we have to move your furniture or raise your carpets then this is returned back to their original position before we leave. If there is any disruption to your power supply during the day you can be assured that it will be back on at the end of each day.

Can you tell me any more about the Job?

For rewiring, MS Electrical Contractors Domestic Installers Ashford Kent will typically start with the upstairs lights if it is logical and methodical to do so, followed by any other wiring that needs to be run to a loft space i.e; shower, smoke alarms, extraction fans, co-ax cables and on occasion power points. This will then be followed by the lifting of suitable floorboards to accommodate the wiring of all the downstairs circuits.

...And Appliances?

Do you have portable electrical equipment that requires testing? Please contact MS Electrical Ashford Kent for up to date prices for this service. We cater from 230v single phase to 400v three phase appliances.


  • Fault Finding
  • Kitchen Cabinet Lights
  • Extra Sockets
  • Ventilation & Extractor Fan
  • Boilers & Immersions
  • Fuse Board (Fuse Boxes) / Consumer Units / Distribution Board
  • Outdoor & Garden Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Smoke / Heat Detectors / Fire Detection Systems
  • Electric Showers
  • Internet / TV / Phone Point
  • Connection of Appliances
  • Storage / Convector Heaters
  • Shed
  • Loft
  • Sunrooms / Conservatories / Extensions
  • House Rewiring


Fault Finding

Does a fuse keep tripping, has a socket, switch or light stopped working? MS Electrical will find the problem immediately and repair it properly so that it works safely again.

Kitchen Cabinet Lights

Want to make your kitchen brighter and more attractive? Or just need an extra light for preparing food? The answer is Kitchen Cabinets’ Under lights! MS Electrical Ashford Kent will supply and fit them for you.

Extra Sockets

Many people think that installation of an extra socket is a long, difficult and expensive process. That’s why they are still using one or several extension cables, keep hiding them behind the furniture or just leaving them on the floor. It will take only a few hours for a MS Electrical electrician to install several sockets at a competitive price too. Contact us for a no obligation quote today.

Ventilation & Extractor Fans

Has the fan in the bathroom or kitchen stopped working, or is it so loud that it is driving you insane? Contact MS Electrical now and one of our service electricians will either fix it or replace it quickly and efficiently.

Boilers & Immersions

No hot water? MS Electrical Ashford are experts in fixing immersion heaters, and because we realise the importance of fixing the problem fast, our electricians generally have all the parts needed with them when they arrive.

Fuse Board (Fuse Boxes) / Consumer Units / Distribution Board

The consumer unit is the hub of your electrical system. It provides the protection you require from short circuits and overloading. The choice of the type of consumer unit is vital and depends on the type of supply to your house as well as the type of circuits that you have. Modern consumer units have trips instead of fuses. This means no more messing about with fuse wire or trying to find the right cartridge for the job. Contact MS Electrical for further information and advice or maybe you are looking for a no obligation quote today?

Outdoor & Garden Lighting

Add the dream finishing touches to your garden. Lighting can transform the look of a garden immediately. Not only will it have a nice appearance, but it will also be safer. MS Electrical have years of experience installing lighting for gardens, patios, and building exteriors. If you are not sure what you want, we can make suggestions to help you decide - Just contact us here...

Security Lighting

Security light is a sensor fitted lamp reacting to human movements. When somebody moves into a specific zone the light comes on. MS Electrical Ashford Kent recommend security lighting for your parking place, front and back gardens.

Smoke / Heat Detectors - Fire Detection Systems

MS Electrical can advise on and install the latest fire systems. Smoke and heat detectors save lives and help reduce smoke damage by providing an early warning of danger. MS Electrical Ashford Kent install only high quality equipment and our smoke / heat detectors are mains operated with battery back-up. Contact us to find out more...

Electric Showers

The main advantage of an electric shower is that you don’t have to wait an hour or so before you can enjoy a hot shower. You also won’t need to preset a timer or reheat the water when it was used by another family member. You will enjoy the hot shower instantly! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our qualified MS Electrical electrician will install a new electric shower quickly and efficiently as well as change your old or broken one. We only recommend high quality electric showers. If this is of interest to you then contact us here...

Internet / TV / Phone Point

Want to reposition your TV, but the cable is too short or there is no TV point? Need a new internet point? MS Electrical will easily install a new TV point, extend your cables or install wireless internet points where necessary. Discover today how MS Electrical can assist you with this...

Connection of Appliances

MS Electrical won’t keep you waiting when you need to connect your new electric cooker, hob, hood or washing machine. Just call or contact us and we will arrange a time convenient to you.

Storage / Convector Heaters

If you want your home to be warm you will definitely need your heaters to be in good working condition. Our MS Electrical electricians will locate and fix any system faults, change damaged parts or install extra storage heaters if you need them.

Plasma / LCD TV

Our MS Electrical electricians will professionally mount your new plasma / LCD on a wall in a neat and tidy fashion. All cables can be hidden.


Make your shed / garage part of your house. MS Electrical Contractors Ashford Kent can wire your shed or outside building providing, extra sockets, fluorescent lights. Contact us here for more information...


Providing power to an awkward living space can be a challenge. Talk to MS Electrical Contractors to discover a solution that's right for your home...

Sunrooms / Extensions

Choosing conservatory lighting is more difficult than for internal rooms of the home. One of the great joys of conservatory living is being under the stars at night and overhead lighting will spoil your enjoyment of this. A much better plan is to concentrate on having illumination at a lower level and using lamps for reading, working and other activities. Dimmer switches are an extremely popular solution for this. MS Electrical Ashford can give you all the advice and practical help you require...

House rewiring

Start with the age of the house. If you see rubber cables and round sockets the system may not be safe and it is recommended for upgrade. You many have square and round outlets side-by-side in an older house as the house may have been rewired, but when?.. Call MS Electrical Contractors today for an electrical inspection...

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MS Electrical Contractors - Domestic | Commercial Installers Ashford Kent
MS Electrical Contractors - Domestic | Commercial Installers Ashford Kent

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MS Electrical Contractors - Domestic | Commercial Installers Ashford Kent

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